Two weeks at home

I have decided to write this post in English…another way of expressing myself….

My contract was over the 29th of september. I had (even in the past months) a strange sensation of changing, but even if a week has just passed, nothing has happened yet. I thought I could find a job in an easier way, but probably it’s not so easy. I’d like to find a way to f**k in the a*s my society, done of inhuman persons, that had in their mind only their own interests. I hope that the divine justice will show me his power, giving me the possibility to find another better job, before the new contract signature….hoping and praying for this, God I’m in your hands.

L'arcangelo Gabriele


Un pensiero su “Two weeks at home

  1. MadMark

    And this is what THEY called “a bootlicker”, even if in italian sounds better.. Listen the sound of “Leccaculo” and then fuck you up. Motherfuckers.


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