Looking at myself in a mirror…

Don’t know what has happened…few hours ago I was listening to a wonderful song called Iris, and tears started falling down without any apparent reason…

In few seconds my face was completely wet…without knowing how it’s worst. Then we started a quiet saturday at home, watching some episodes of Sex and the city…Marco, during the vision, asked me if I was allright…he considered very unuseful the fact that I was in a deep and absolute silence; unusual, but normal for me. The silence implies a new discovery for me…I’m afraid, continuosly scared of every thing that happens in my life, positive or negative, doensn’t matter. Someone says that life is a continue test, an exam…that’s the truth…but another important truth has just been discovered by myself tonight…I’m tired of being tested, overabused, and of being always under pressure…I want to decide my life, independently from single parts of my same life that surround me as crazy satellites… I wanna stop myself from hearing, my mother, the others, and their judgement on what I’m doing, or on what I’m gonna do…Their voice are continuosly in my head, making me crazy.


7 pensieri su “Looking at myself in a mirror…

  1. Mara

    Vai dritto come un fuso per la tua strada tesoro,il tuo cuore non sbaglia.

    Ho visto il mondo meraviglioso che c’è in te e mi fanno davvero pena quelli che non riescono a “vederti”

  2. roselia

    …lascia che le parole (quelle che ti mettono sotto pressione) ti scivolino addosso…non permettere loro di renderti triste.La vita è tua e vivila secondo i suggerimenti del tuo cuore.


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