The way I feel

 Longing and can I explain how I feel?

It is so difficult, sometimes,
to explain the way I feel,
I’m in the middle of nothing,
I can’t understand where I’m going,
and if I will go in the right direction.

I always have the perception,
of being in front of a broken mirror,
in which I see only fragments of me,
too fat, missing something everyday,
always a step back than other people.

So, I try to see in those fragments,
The light in my eyes…
Is there any light in my eyes yet?
Don’t know, I can’t see it anymore.
I can’t see any hope, any possibility
of improvement.

I hope everyday that the light will
come back, bringing with it, the lost
satisfaction and a better life for me,
and for the person I’m sharing my life with.

But how can you keep fighting, when
the strenght is over, day by day,
when the lights of the stage are fading down,
and you see that the show is over…

I wanna stop being so sad…


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